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Altogether Better features in minister's new vision for volunteering

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A new vision for volunteering in health and social care has been unveiled by Care Services Minister Paul Burstow in Birmingham.

Volunteers play a crucial role in health and social care services and to support this Paul Burstow has announced that up to £2.6 million will be available for national volunteering and social action projects in 2012. Fifty-one local projects will be approved shortly, with a combined value of approximately £2.5 million.

The funding is given to projects that meet one of four key themes: improving health and social care; delivering better health outcomes; improving public health; and a patient-led NHS.

Altogether Better's community development approach features within this new initiative. It highlights our approach to recruitment and engagement with volunteers through building on existing networks, infrastructure and local expertise using a targeted approach to reach excluded groups.

Paul Burstow said:

“Volunteers can be [a] great asset in promoting and improving health. The funding I have announced will mean more projects can get volunteers involved in providing real support that will help local communities and give the volunteers invaluable experience and skills.

“Our vision is to encourage leaders and commissioners to be more open and inclusive and to create an environment where the experience of volunteers counts. I want to help NHS and social care organisations – whether social enterprises, private, charity or public sector – to realise the benefits of volunteering and make the most of the opportunities it provides.”

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