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Amazing Stories

Check out below some of our latest stories of Collaborative Practice, showing how this innovative way of working makes life better for everyone.

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Download  * An artful collaboration at Greenway Medical Practice.pdf
Download  Abdul Qureshi, Bradford Seniors Show The Way.pdf

Amazing Stories

“After ill health forced Abdul Qureshi to retire from running his own bakery three years ago, the 65-year-old Bradford resident was at a low ebb – until he found a new lease of life as a community health champion....”

Download  Caroline Waugh, Sheffield Community Health Champions Network.pdf

Caroline Waugh's passion for 'inclusive cycling' has put her on the road to health and happiness and helped many others to experience the freedom, exercise and pleasure of life on two, three and four wheels. "Cycling has allowed me to go back to being me.  I thought I'd lost that forever."

Download  Christine Campey, Rotherham Mind Your Own Business.pdf

"Christine Campey’s motives for becoming a community health champion were to understand possible ways of improving the mental health of workers in the construction industry and to expand her skills as a human resources professional.”

Download  Christine Charles, Altogether Better Kirklees.pdf


“Christine Charles has always helped others in her community while juggling the demands of home life and work. Christine, who lives in Huddersfield, has continued to boost her skills by volunteering, even when employment has been insecure and despite suffering from asthma.”

Download  David Walsaw, One Barnsley.pdf

David Walsaw

To borrow the famous football cliché, David Walshaw’s life has been something of a game of two halves. After cruising to a fairly comfortable position in life and work, he was then hit with a devastating triple blow of redundancy, bereavement and a debilitating illness. Now, with the help of football and his passion for health and fitness, he has begun to turn his own ‘game’ around, while empowering others to do the same...

Download  Denise Dobson, East Riding Coastal Health Improvement Programme.pdf

“Attending an Altogether Better course* to help her cope while caring for a sick relative was the catalyst for Denise Dobson to confront issues that had been affecting her for years and to start to change her life around...”
*This refers to the Sort Out Stress course, run by the East Riding Coastal Health Improvement Programme

Download  Doncaster Better Workplace- Better Mental Health.pdf

For the 1 in 4 of us who experience mental health problems at some point in our lives, finding or keeping a job can be difficult. As well as facing the stigma that still exists in society towards mental ill health, people often suffer a lack of confidence around every day activities, such as socialising, using public transport and even getting up in the morning. The result is even greater feelings of isolation and low self-esteem. Better Workplace – Better Mental Health came into being in 2008 aiming to break this cycle.

Download  Heather Iveson, Wakefield Health Means Business.pdf

“Looking after toddlers for a living can take every bit of your energy. So when the Health Means Business project offered to help staff at the Little People Day Nursery in Wakefield to learn their ABC of health, they jumped at the chance.”

Download  Irene Cyhanko, Bradford Seniors Show the Way.pdf


Forget Facebook. When it comes to real-life social networking, Irene Cyhanko definitely has ‘best friend’ status in Keighley’s Ukrainian community. Born in the UK to Ukrainian parents who came to this country as refugees after the Second World War, she has always tried to keep the self-reliant culture and values of her community alive and to help those in need.

Download  Jamail, Offender Health & Social Care.pdf

“Jamail knows only too well the effect prison can have on mental and physical well-being. Imprisoned three times since the mid-nineties, he has first-hand experience of the helplessness that many feel and how this impacts on health."

Download  Jane Finch, Parents 1st.pdf
When it comes to the realities of childbirth, there is little that Jane Finch hasn’t seen. A mother of four, she’s had a partner pass out on her in the middle of one birth and faced another that was particularly traumatic. There have been ‘nightmare’ deliveries and relatively  straightforward ones”
Download  Lisa Cox, Sheffield Community Health Champions Network.pdf

Picture a champagne reception at 10 Downing Street. Community workers, volunteers, government aides and journalists celebrating Prime Minister David Cameron’s Big Society Awards. Mr Cameron has just given a speech, thanking the volunteers for their hard work. Lisa Cox, who’s there to represent 15,000 Altogether Better Community Health Champions, wants to tell the PM her story, personally. As he’s about to leave for another engagement, she touches his sleeve....


Download  Mandy Hodgson, North & North East Linconshire Leading the Way to Active Lives.pdf

“Mandy Hodgson had tried Tai Chi before. But it took a challenge from the Leading The Way To Active Lives project for her to take her involvement with the traditional Chinese system of exercise and relaxation to the next level as a community health champion.”

Download  Mandy Torbitt, Yorkshire & the Humber Mental Health First Aid.pdf

“After taking an Altogether Better course in mental health first aid Mandy Torbitt helped a woman deal with shock after witnessing a suicide.”

Download  Mashud Haque, Seniors Show the Way.pdf


Mashud When Mashud Haque was looking for something worthwhile to do in his retirement, he can hardly have imagined that his chosen path would lead to 10 Downing Street...


Download  Mavis Kennedy, Leeds Older & Active.pdf

 “When Mavis Kennedy first met her friend Carol McKenny, she was clinging in terror to the side of a swimming pool in Leeds.  “I got in the pool and I could not move away from the edge,” said Mavis, who had signed up to a course of swimming lessons for the over 60s. “Coming from the West Indies, which is surrounded by water, it felt ridiculous that I couldn’t swim. It was Carol who got me off to a start. She held on to my hand and just said: ‘Don’t worry.’ It worked – though I must have squeezed her hand black and blue!””

Download  Patrick Nolan, Healthwise Hull.pdf

"Patrick Nolan joined Healthwise Hull after deciding to adopt a healthier lifestyle. A year later, he has become a committed community health champion and is about to make a fulfilling career change...”

Download  Sarah Gyenge, Calderdale Community Health Champions.pdf

“Making the facts about healthy food fun is what drives Sarah Gyenge as a Community Health Champion. Why else would she go to the trouble of making a fully functional milking cow?“

Download  Waqas Khawaja Hameed, Sheffield Community Health Champions Network.pdf


“A desire to give something back to his community prompted Waqas Khawaja Hameed to join Sheffield Community Health Champions. After seeing a leaflet asking for people to support and create awareness about smoking cessation at mosques in Sheffield’s Sharrow district, Waqas volunteered for the Sheffield Community Health Champions through one of the project’s partners, ShipShape.”