Youth Champions

Youth Champions

Altogether Better are working in Shropshire to prototype a way of working which will bring about a transformational change in the relationship between children, young people and health and social care service providers and commissioners. By working together we are creating the conditions for a range of new possibilities and solutions for improving health and wellbeing outcomes for children and young people.

Children and Young people are recruited, engaged, trained and supported as Youth Champions and become active and valued partners, working with service providers and commissioners to jointly deliver better health and wellbeing outcomes.

Working with our Youth Champions has:

  • Increased range of health and wellbeing activities co designed & delivered by children and young people
  • Increased involvement and engagement of children & young people
  • Improved health outcomes for children & young people
  • Increased community capital and social value
  • Provided better quality health and wellbeing services

Youth Heath Champions Celebration Event  

On October 18th our Shropshire Youth Health Champions held their first celebration event. This not only celebrated the achievements of the Youth Health Champions so far, it also ramped up the energy and enthusiasm much, much more. Here is the link to a video summary of the day which captures the spirit and energy of the event.